Welcome to STODAB

A brief text about the company and history

STODAB Ltd is divided into two separate business areas: Media Production and Consulting Services regarding management and organization.
Location is Stockholm and the Örestad region.

STODAB (Socio-Technical Organization Design AB) was established in 1986 by Jan Forslin in the regard of research and consultancy services for universities, colleges and companies, within the field of management and work organization. Volvo and Norwegian University of Science and Technology are two long time returning customers.

2007 STODAB merged it’s business with Nutritive Ad Publishing, a publication company within the clinical /

medical field – now the company’s second supporting pillar with products as Barnbladet (the mouthpiece for the Pediatric Nurses of Sweden), Dietistaktuellt (the Dietitian’s News for the the Swedish Clinical Dietitians) and Svensk Geriatrik (Swedish Geriatrics) for the Swedish Association of Geriatric Medicine. Recently the number of freelance articles has increased and a niche on travel and cultural historic themes now takes shape.Currently STODAB has a broad network of skilled subcontractors, making it possible to offer the precise quality products that our clients expect and deserve.

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